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Technisches Museum Wien

Technisches Museum Wien mit Österreichischer Mediathek (TMW) is a public institution with a cultural mission. After several years of restoration, the historic building re-opened on June 17, 1999. The re-opening accommodated a conceptual re-positioning. At the dawn of the 21st century, TMW is determined to become a place of discourse on the different views of technology in the course of history. It shows technological change as a part of society's history, and technology itself as a complex cultural phenomenon - the interchange of natural and technological facts, scientific results, human desires and opposing economic and political interests. The museum shows the tension between euphoric and negatory positions regarding technology which involve everybody. The museum intends to be open to the future. It offers rich experiences in technological development mechanisms and the latest trends, inviting the visitor to become critical and conscious in their approach towards technology.

The permanent exhibition "medien.welten" was the last area to be opened at the museum. This gallery (opened in March 2003) occupy more than 2500 square meters on the second floor. Currently three exhibition areas are planned: storage media, communication media, and audio-visual media. Storage media is concerned with print, mechanical data processing, office automation, humans and computers, data networks, and digital media. Communication media contains postal services, optical and electrical telegraphs, telephone, radio, and communication networks. Finally, audio-visual media embraces photo, film, broadcast radio, television, and consumer media. An AV-experience room will allow visitors to participate in professional radio, television, and movie production. A VR-experience room offers the exploration of synthetic, stereoscopic worlds. In cooperation with Telekom Austria, a public WLAN access point will be integrated in the permanent exhibition area.

Partner in following EU-projects:
Virtual Showcase VS, IST-2000-28610
SCALEX, IST-2001-35103

Key person:

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Techn. Otmar Moritsch received a master's degree in technical physics and a PhD from Vienna University of Technology. Employment at Siemens Munich and Max Planck Institute of Extraterrestrian Physics in Garching near Munich. Research assistant at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology; scientific publications in several international journals. Since 1997 head of the department of Information and Communication Technology at TMW. Curator of the central hall in the museum and head of the new exhibition "medien.welten".

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