With SCALEX, museums can prepare and realise adaptive, knowledge-based exhibitions and exhibition components for use in site and online.
Model Exhibitions

The SCALEX consortium has produced and published two bigger Model Exhibitions and two smaller Model Exhibitions. The first Model Exhibition took place at the Technical Museum Vienna and had the title “View of Vienna”. The main focus of the first Model Exhibition was to demonstrate the possiblities of an adaptive system for museums. For realizing the first Model Exhibition the main components of SCALEX have been used. In addition to that some Device Controllers were needed to perform task like visitor identification. This primarily was done by using RFId devices together with RFId cards owned by the exhibition visitors.

The second Model Exhibition took place at the ZKM in Karlsruhe with the title “From Panorama to Virtual Reality”. The main focus of the second Model Exhibition was on using personal digital assistant within the SCALEX framework for a personalised information presentation. The second model exhibition used the whole SCALEX framework.

For the third Model Exhibition the implementation from the ZKM was used to give school classes the possibility to get a feeling on how a SCALEX exhibition can be made. School classes were asked to try out and work with the SCALEX framework and evaluate how usable the system is for schools.

Finally, the Technical Museum in Prag used the SCALEX framework to create a small exhibition with the title “History of Transportation”. For this exhibition the SCALEX system was used as an out-of-the-box solution and the Technical Museum Prag designed, implemented and published the exhibition without major help from the technical project partners.


Model Exhibition 1
Model Exhibition 2
Model Exhibition 3
Technical Museum Prag