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Lost Boys

Since its founding in 1993, Lost Boys has grown into a highly professional company that follows not only their dreams, but also, the dreams of others. Lost Boys has combined top talent and a passion for creating with hands on experience which can only be gained through hard work, failure, tears, laughter, teamwork and success. Fusing imagination with technology has made Lost Boys a leader in customised multimedia. Lost Boys is made up of several teams, which continually work together, sharing the knowledge and experience, which will take multimedia into the future: Lost Boys interactive media, Lost Boys strategy, Lost Boys content & usability, Lost Boys tv & streaming media, Lost Boys formats, Lost Boys medialab, Lost Boys games and Lost Boys incubator. The turnover of the LostBoys group in 2000 was approximately 25 million EURO.

Lost Boys Interactive

The mission of Lost Boys interactive media is to conceive, design and program unique and compelling interactive media experiences. They focus on single and multi-channel solutions for the media and entertainment, infotainment and consumer goods industries. Their applications are technologically advanced, but always easy to understand and end user-oriented. Lost Boys interactive media is divided into three multi-disciplinary teams. One team focuses on the production of high-end rich media applications for desktop and handheld devices via CD, broadband and wireless distribution. Another team specialises in websites and online interactive media applications with a strong emphasis on user interfacing, branding and streaming media. The third team focuses on infotainment website systems which require extensive information design, multi-tier architectures, and back end integration.
At the multimedia trade show MILIA in Cannes the Lost Boys CD-ROM Anne Frank House - A House with a Story was awarded the Europrix 2000 in the category "Bringing European Culture to the Digital World".
Lost Boys is more than a technology company - we are one of Europe's leading e-commerce and new media companies since 1993. For more information about who we are go to lostboys.com

Key Persons:

Ir. Wim Elhorst *1963. He received his masters degree in applied physics at Delft university. As a physicist he worked two years on DNA structure and modelling and visualisation techniques at the Max Planck institute für Biophysikalische Chemie in Göttingen. In his next job at Fokker Space in Leiden he developed real-time simulator software for defence and aerospace systems. As a system engineer on various systems he was responsible for system analysis, software design and development for ao. EuroSim, a generic real-time simulator development environment and training simulators for the European Robotic Arm. Now, almost two and a half years with Lost Boys as a management team member, Wim Elhorst first established the project management group, did project management for several larger multimedia products and works now as technical director. He is responsible for the development of all technical disciplines and product development.

Ir. Peter Warman *1971. Studied at the Delft University of Technology, Industrial Design Engineering. 3 years Technology Transfer Manager at TNO Institute of Industrial Technology. At the TNO he was responsible for International account management, approx. 15 EU projects in the fields of display technology, novel electronics etc and for the exploitation management of several EU projects. At Lost Boys Peter Warman is the subsidy manager at Lost Boys Amsterdam responsible for strategic growth and internationalisation.

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