With SCALEX, museums can prepare and realise adaptive, knowledge-based exhibitions and exhibition components for use in site and online.

Fachhochschule Joanneum - Information Design

The university of applied science FH JOANNEUM, provides university degree courses in specialised technical and economic disciplines. Within the sector of information society technologies, the courses and research groups in the sectors information management and information design are most relevant. Apart from subject-oriented contents, the courses offered by FH JOANNEUM also emphasise character-forming contents to enable graduates to solve practical problems encountered in their respective professions on a holistic basis. The courses of study are characterised by a highly structured organisation which is achieved by a close relationship between teachers and small groups of students as well as by the mandatory nature of some courses.

In the course Information Design (http://informations-design.fh-joanneum.at/) they are concerned with the planning and implementation of interactions with information objects and equipment that is easy, natural, and as pleasant as possible. This involves solving many of the problems in the design of the human-computer interface. In particular, they focus on integrating the visual, textual, and aural components of these environments into a "look and feel" aimed at producing specific reactions or effects in targeted users. Their research explores issues in aesthetics, cognitive science, cultural studies, education, engineering, and rhetoric, helping us to build digital systems through which users can more effectively communicate, interact, and learn. Within the SCALEX project FH JOANNEUM will build the interface between end users and technical partners and work on user interface design issues. In the pilot phase we will support end users in the production of digital exhibitions (also for free within student projects) and provide a permanent help desk for the usage of Exhibition Designer and Exhibition Player.

Key Persons:

DI Jochen Martin

DI Christian Trummer

Michaela Bernreiter

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