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Ars Electronica Center Linz Museumgesellschaft mbH (Linz, Austria)

AEC Ars Electronica Center’s Museum of the Future is one of the leading museums for digital media and arts world-wide. Unlike „classic“ museums, AEC Ars Electronica Center Linz Museumgesellschaft (AEC) is substantially dedicated to technologies and future trends elaborated by artistic installations. The presentation of the currently merging of the various technologies (telecommunication, mass-media, computers) and the resulting impact on everyday life is the most prominent goal. AEC believes, that the occurring convergence can be described not only via scientific but also artistic elaboration’s. Due to the sensibility and sensitiveness of artists, major trends and challenges can be explored in a very thorough way.

AEC provides new technology (e.g. the only CAVE - environment open for public visitors worldwide), and services range from consultancy services to the provision of seminars and training in fields of Web design, Virtual Reality, computer graphics and -animation. AEC`s role can be seen as technology provider, demonstrator, disseminator.

AEC is co-operating with art organisations, research institutions, universities and business organisations world-wide. Their department "Future Lab" provides services ranging from technological oriented consultancies on high-speed networks (ATM) to the design and development of projects dealing with Virtual Reality-Environments (CAVE), VRML and HTML - programming, internet-intranet-extranet technologies (technical and organisational issues). All services are provided by a multi-disciplinarian project approach, linking artists (national and international via our "Artists in residence" - programme), technicians, sociologists, economists, cultural theorist and philosophers together for the purpose of gaining highly innovative and visionary solutions for some of the most outstanding problems related to new technology.

Our main principle in this respect is to work extensively on applicable solutions. Therefore we are highly appreciated partners for innovative and competitive industrial organisations.

Thus, the most important technological aspects and functions of modern digital media is presented to the broader public in a comprehensive way. As an institution dealing with the interconnection of Arts, Technology and Society Ars Electronica Center is highly dedicated to demonstrate the cutting edge technologies from the areas multimedia/interactive networks, telemedia/telecommunication and cybermedia/virtual reality.

Ars Electronica Center has been involved as a partner at the following EC Projects:
EMPLOY - European Multimedia Pedagogic Local Support Network Organisation for the Social Integration of Unemployed Europeans (1995 - 1997); DEMOS - Distance Education and tutoring in heterogeneous teleMatics environments (1995 - 1997); TeleRegions SUN1, TeleApplications for European Regions (1995 - 1998); Netday’s Europe in October 1997 and 1998; TeleRegions SUN2 - Tele Applications for European Regions, IA 1010 UR (since 1998); MeetMATH - Development of Authoring and Learning Software for Mathematics (1999 - 2001); INVITE - Intelligent Distributed Virtual Training Environment (starting: 1.2.2000)

Facilities and qualifications of key personnel
“Future Lab” is the development department of the Museum of the Future. It provides services ranging from technological oriented consultancy services on high speed networks (ATM) to the design and development of projects dealing with virtual reality environments (CAVE), VRML and HTML-programming, internet-intranet-extranet technologies (technological and organisational issues). Future Lab hosts the „Artists in residence“ - programme, which allows artists from all over the world to work on their premises.

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